Job description

We’re looking for a dynamic, inquisitive, and highly collaborative Business to Business Strategist who is passionate about B2B marketing.

As a strategist, you are the voice of the B2B buyer throughout the process of building a marketing campaign. From collaborating with the Data team, to building the proposition, and messaging for the integrated campaign, to synthesizing great insights to enable our creative partners to bring the concept, campaign, and individual assets to life.

Background and Mindset: Inquisitive; unafraid of asking “why?” The right candidate can simplify complex claims, problems and audience insights. They have a broad viewpoint and can bring in cultural knowledge, trends and insights into the process in order to define the marketing challenge, audience, and strategic solution.

Backgrounds likely to have been in research, marketing, or content strategy. Our clients are in the B2B technology space, so candidates must be interested in technology and how companies grow, evolve, and change. Interested in different buyer personas – HR, IT, Executive Leadership. Highly collaborative and interested in working with different roles within the agency – data, creative, client services.

You are…

Someone who has a burning desire to understand how things work. Did you used to take apart perfectly functioning objects when you were a child just to understand how they worked? Have you always asked the question, “Why?” Maybe you just have a desire to know more about things than anyone else. If the answer is yes, then you almost certainly still possess that inquisitive nature, and you may well be interested in what our strategy team here at TMP does every day.

We work with some of the most well-known tech companies in the world, as well as some of the most influential companies that you might never have heard of, and we partner with them to make inherently complex propositions more digestible to the average layperson in the B2B space. This involves researching and dissecting some of the most life-changing, world-shifting, exciting tech offerings that are shaping the way our world works.

You will likely be someone who is humble enough to know that you don’t know it all, and also strong enough to ask when you don’t know about something. You are someone who enjoys spending your time working with intelligent and inquisitive people. Someone who is collaborative and supportive of your colleagues, and fully engaged in pursuing the overall agency goal which is to produce the very best in B2B Marketing.

Ideally, you will have held a position as a Planner / Strategist within an agency environment, however, if you have been involved with research, insights, or you just have a real interest in the world of B2B tech and how it is marketed then this role may well be for you. If you would like to know more about this role then please get in touch.


Skills and Responsibilities

B2B marketing knowledge

  • Understands core, foundational, marketing principles and buying journey
  • Shows familiarity with strategy development for B2B campaigns
  • Is a naturally talented and inquisitive desk researcher
  • Understands the principles of demand generation
  • Has the ability to undertake basic campaign journey mapping
  • Comfort synthesizing large amounts of ideas, data, and information into simple, but powerful, strategic ideas

Voice of strategy in an inter-disciplinary team

  • Thrives in a highly collaborative cross-functional team
  • Supports the creative and content roles, and the client delivery teams at TMP with actionable strategic direction
  • Owns the responsibility for the quality of briefing, the insight that underpins it and being able to spot creative potential in the strategy.
  • Comfortable presenting insights, strategy, and ideas back to senior clients
  • Enthusiastic about interviewing knowledge holders to extract and prioritize the most useful insights.

About us

The Marketing Practice was founded in 2002 to fulfil a vision of a marketing agency that is ‘fanatical about sales-focused marketing that delivers tangible sales results’.

As a company, we are leading the development of B2B marketing. Our clients rely increasingly heavily on our knowledge, ideas and delivery to create and manage their marketing campaigns.

Our clients are among the most experienced and sophisticated marketers in the IT and Service industries. They look to us to deliver integrated marketing programmes that really make a difference to their business results (often changing the way that marketing is delivered and perceived).